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How to connect a Nets Easy account to Qondor

Use Nets Easy as a payment provider for online booking payments

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If your Qondor office want to offer customers payment by credit card through Nets Easy, your company needs to create an agreement with Nets.

1. Create a Nets Easy account/agreement

Complete this form to request your Nets Easy account

You will also see the Nets pricing in the above link. Once the form is completed, we we will help you get started.

Once the agreement with Nets is in place, the Nets Easy account needs to be connected to your Qondor office:

2. Go to Office settings -> Online Payments

Select "Nets Easy" in the Online payment processor drop-down menu:

3. Make sure you select the correct key and setting!

Enable Test account and use a test secret key should be used for testing purposes.

Disable Test account and use a live secret key if want to perform actual payments.

4. Acquiring the Nets Easy secret key

The secret key can be found in the Integration page of Nets Easy as pictured below, and is required to connect to the correct account:

❕ Once the account is connected, you should proceed testing the connection by following the steps described here.

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