Qondor represents a new way of working, giving your organisation lots of options for working smarter, more effectively and quality assuringly, in turn generating higher revenue. Our onboarding experience shows that dedicating key stakeholders internally to utilise Qondor's full potential, will give your organisation a market advantage. Here are our tips on what to focus on.


  • Set up access for superusers.
    Remember they should have the 'Office admin' access role in Qondor to define standard settings for your Qondor office.
    Learn about access roles here

PROJECT ROUTINES (optional but recommended)

  • Define an overall step by step process for how a project should be administered in Qondor from A to Z

  • Determine how you should utilise Qondor's Tasks feature to never miss a deadline

  • Define how you should use Qondor's Files feature to keep all documentation in one place

  • Have routines in place in case of emergencies involving customers

  • Do you want a guideline for what internal information Project managers should define on each project? See Project settings -> Internal remarks

OTHER TEMPLATES (optional but recommended)

  • Define email signatures for all users (recommended). Access the Templates menu to add these templates, define whether they should be private per user or public for all users.

  • Define other text templates for communication with customers and participants. Access the Templates menu to add these. For example, template for "Updated offer", "Confirmed offer", etc.

OFFER SETTINGS AND ROUTINES (optional but recommended)

All the below can be found in Office -> Settings, but are highlighted here as we feel they are crucial to ensure success.

  • Define standard text for 'Send offer email'. See Office -> Settings -> Customer Web -> Send offer email.

  • Define standard text for 'Offer confirmation email'. See Office -> Settings -> Customer Web -> Offer confirmation email. 

  • Define standard text for the 'Offer confirmation page'. See Office -> Settings -> Customer Web -> Offer confirmation page.

  • Define standard terms & conditions for offers. See Office -> Settings -> Customer Web -> Offer terms & conditions.

  • Define how the Customer Web front page should look for a personal touch. Create template(s) with text, images and or/signatures in the Templates menu.

  • How should an offer to a customer be presented as a general rule? What should be included in terms of images, descriptions, and in what order? How should prices be presented?

  • Define standard price columns in offers. See Office -> Settings -> Customer Web -> Offer price configuration.

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