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Create offer based on Project template or Product database
Create offer based on Project template or Product database

How Project managers using Project templates and Product databases can effectively create a new offer using smart navigations and features

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To optimise operations with unified workflows, increased efficiency and quality assurance, we recommend standardising content as much as possible in Qondor. This can be done by creating Project templates and/or a product database. When this is in place, Project managers can use this content in their operations.

Below is a step by step guide on how Project managers can create offers based on a template and a product database. If you prefer a video, check out this recorded webinar.

  1. Create project by selecting the relevant project template and fill inn required information.

  2. When the project is saved, access the offer which is included from the template, by clicking the Offer name in the Project details page. See example below.

    You are now on the page from where you build the offer, including prices, VAT, images, videos, descriptions, terms and conditions.

  3. There are smart ways to work from this page, see tips here. For example:

    1. Edit any visible existing content directly on the page, for example product names, prices, quantity or article

    2. Click the smart menu to the right of any product name to quicky publish/unpublish content based on the customer's needs or duplicate a product

    3. Bulk edit content, for example add the same quantity to multiple products

  4. Add new product lines exactly where you want them by using the smart menu.

  5. Access the product by clicking the product name, to:

    1. add prices with more than one article or prices inclusive VAT

    2. add or amend the product's terms & conditions, images or descriptions or supplier

  6. If you have a product database, use the Search & Copy menu to reuse existing content. The content can be copied in to your new offer and amended there if needed to suit your scenario.

  7. Click “Preview” to see how the offer will look for the customer once they receive it.

  8. Quality assure and send the offer to the customer. You might want to follow this checklist.

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