Best updates in July - December 2022

The latest updates and new features in Qondor over the last six months on one page ❄️

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This Qondor Best Updates edition includes:

  • Several improvements to Forms, making it easier for Project managers to find necessary functions for building and improving the look and booking experience for bookers.

  • Great improvements to building Programs - making Programs much easier and faster to build, including creating a program from an offer in minutes!

  • Scroll on for more of our best improvements in Qondor admin and Participants too!



  • If users log out of Qondor but have enabled a trusted device, they will not be asked for a code within 30 days. To avoid inputting a code after logging out of Qondor, check "trust this device" on the login page.

  • It is now quicker to create a new user! With less required fields, and a more user friendly page, Project managers can quickly add new users.

  • The product team upgraded and improved the html text editors across Qondor for a more modern, cleaner and much easier to use text editor.


  • Hover over participants to reveal the *new* Participant popover menu which contains relevant information and options to send sms/email to communicate faster with the Participant.

  • The Participant custom "Text field" now contains two options: single-line and *new* multi-field. Project managers can choose multi-field when they need bookers to enter more text/information.


  • Convert an offer to program in three clicks! Watch how it's done here.

  • Building a program is easier and faster - the product team have implemented several changes to make this possible. Learn more in this short webinar!

  • Add video to Program 📹 Make your programs more engaging and visually attractive.


Form building improvements

  • The "Please provide your contact information" text has been removed from all forms - live and unpublished. Now you are no longer stuck with a default text that doesn't suit the purpose of the form. We recommend that Project managers use the Personal details heading and main text to write an introduction on the personal details page.

  • Terms and conditions is easier to find as it is in its own subpage of the Summary step in the left menu pane of Form builder. When disabled, it will be indicated in the menu (disabled).

  • Participant custom fields can be published from the personal details page in Form Builder, and can be opened from the Category matrix.

  • Group products in a sub-step and a new option to make products on a step or on a sub-step mandatory.

    ❔A product sub-step allows you to group products together on a product step. For example if you sell different types of tickets like adult and child or different event locations.

Form participant web improvements

  • Choose whether to have the personal details at the front or at the end of a form, allowing you more flexibility and a choice of the best format to suit your scenario.

  • German translations have been improved in Form to ensure accurate translations. This will improve the experience for German speaking bookers and participants.

  • Accommodation. The "add more rooms" button will only be visible when the booker is able to add more nights to their booking, when booking an accommodation product.

  • Multibooking. If a booker adds additional persons to a form booking, the booker will be listed as "person 1" - their first and last name will be displayed in a separate section at the top of the page. This prevents confusion and it is clear that the booker is included in the booking too.

Communicating with bookers

Project managers can define their own display text for the "booking login link" which can be inserted in emails to bookers. The login link allows bookers to view or amend their booking.

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