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Convert an Offer into a Program
Convert an Offer into a Program

How to reuse offer products, descriptions, images/videos, flight schedules in a program

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If you have an accepted Offer in Qondor, you may want to create a program for attendees as well. The program will likely contain the same information, such as flight/hotel descriptions, flight schedules and images/videos. To save time, Qondor allows you to reuse this information. You can choose to import all the information into the Program or only what you need.




  1. Go to Programs --> Click New Program and name your program.

  2. Click create activities from the program

  3. Qondor will default select the main offer in the dropdown. If you have several offers, and want to take information from another offer, simply select the offer from the dropdown.

    ℹ️ Both published and unpublished offers are available to reuse information from.

  4. All the products will automatically appear. Either select all by checking the top checkbox or select the products individually.

    ℹ️ You can preview the products if needed by right clicking the name and opening the link in a new tab.

  5. Once you have selected the products you need, click create.

    ℹ️ All offer elements (except transport segments) will be imported as unscheduled activities.

Note: For a standard or accommodation product active on offer, the first offer image, and both the offer introduction and the offer description will be imported.

For a standard or accommodation product active only on form, the first form image and the form description will be imported.

For an offer design element, the video and the text will be imported.

6. Transport products with segments in the offer will be imported as individual scheduled activities based on the segments entered in the offer. No images or texts will be imported.

7. Amend activities as required.

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