Using Supplier products, you are able to setup cross project allotment management and create mobile tickets.

Cross project allotment management allows you to have one shared allotment in one supplier product shared between multiple products in multiple Forms.

The supplier product mobile tickets can be used if you're selling tickets on behalf of a supplier. You can create, design and sell your suppliers' tickets directly from Qondor.

This article describes to how use an already setup supplier product. Prerequisites:

1. Read this article about working with suppliers in projects

2. Read this article to learn how to setup supplier products


1. First off, make sure you've added suppliers in your Project:

2. In Form builder, when creating a new product, select a Supplier and the desired Supplier product from the drop down menu:

3. Voila, that's it! 😊

Attach supplier tickets to booking confirmation emails

⭐ Good to know:

If a supplier product with tickets has no available allotment, it will be displayed as fully booked on all Forms products where the supplier product is linked.

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