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Add Transport products to an offer
Add Transport products to an offer

Use a transport product to present all types of transport options with an itinerary

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Transport products can be used to offer transport options such as: flights, trains, a coach or other types of transport. A travel itinerary can also be presented in an Offer when using transport products.

For easy input of flight information, Qondor also supports a copy and paste from Amadeus and Galileo for flight information. 


When you have created your offer, you can start adding products.
Click the plane symbol at the bottom (alt+2 on your keyboard) or if you have existing products click the three dots to drop a transport product into a specific row.

💡 Tip: Hold Ctrl and click +✈️ to add a transport product and go straight into full product edit mode. (This is where you can add segments for travel itineraries, images, description and so on.) 


If you are not already in full edit mode, click onto the product name to open the following:


  • Add a name to the product that clearly states what the product is and makes sense internally and to your customer.

  • Activate on: Offer will be automatically checked. If you use forms and you want to reuse this product later on a form registration, you can check this option at any time to enable reuse.

  • Product category: Product category can be amended here. (This may not be available in your office. Refer to your internal routines.)

  • Name on invoice (optional): Only enter text here if you are using another product name on the invoice than the product name in Offer admin. 

  • Quantity: Enter the available product amount.


  • Click add pricing to input prices.

  • Check the option for VAT if attaching tickets and prices include VAT. (Read more about tickets further down in this article.)

  • Select the correct VAT article and input in and out prices in the pricelines. 


 To manually input time schedules click add segment:

To import flight information click either paste Amadeus flight data or paste Galileo flight data (depending on which GDS provider is activated in your office).

See below for an example of how to paste flight data from Amadeus:


If your office is using Qondor's ticket API, then you can automatically add tickets issued in Amadeus to a transport product. You are able to adjust the ticket sales price and also invoice tickets, as long as the product and ticket's out price matches. 

You should be informed internally about this process, but if you want to learn about how tickets work - you can check out this article here.


Name on offer: If you want to display a different product name to your customer than the one used internally in Offer admin, you are able to enter text here. 


Offer status (can also be set via Offer admin): This indicates the status of the product, as responded to on the offer. You can expand the dropdown if you need to override the product status on the offer. This could be in the case that you have received an answer from your customer by phone or email and you need to make the change yourself.

Published (can also be set via Offer admin): A checked box indicates if the product is published on the offer. Publish or unpublish the product from here.

Mandatory: If the offer cannot be accepted without this product, then you can choose to make the product mandatory by checking the checkbox. (The customer will be reminded to accept this product if they try to accept the offer without accepting the mandatory product.)

Hide price table: Enabling this will hide the price table along with the accept button. Only the image and description will be displayed. Check this option if you want to present this product as an information only product. (This option will not be available if the product is within a product group.)

Hide feedback section: This will hide the 'Send feedback to Project manager' part of the product. Customers will not able to comment on the specific product in the offer.

If the product has its own terms & conditions separate to the overall offer terms & conditions, then we recommend including this here. You can either manually enter the text or upload an existing file.


If you want to make your offer more visual and provide more information about the product, then you can add images and a description here. We strongly recommend adding images to make your offer more appealing to engage customers and provide them with a better sense of what is being offered. Qondor has 5 image templates in Offers available for use, including an image slider (which alternates images automatically). All you need to do is select the template you'd like to use and upload your image(s).

💡 Check out the Image templates and image sliders article for tips on how to best present your images or include an image slider.

Introduction: Text entered here is displayed directly under the product name and images in the offer. (If using a product group, then this text will be hidden within a 'read more' button in the price table.)

Description: Text entered here is hidden within a 'read more' button and is useful for displaying less crucial information. This is also useful if you want to include more product information but want to keep the offer compact.

Introduction and description as shown on an offer:

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