Best updates in July - December 2023

The latest product updates and new features in Qondor over the last six months on one page.

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This Qondor Best Updates edition includes:

πŸ“¨ Wider range of merge tags and its use, revised German translations, and an Italian language option.

πŸ’° Offer improvements includes clickable customised send offer links!

βœ’οΈ Even more Form improvements for an easier form building and better registration experience.

πŸ”Œ Supplier API and Customer API improvements.


  • The use of merge tags has been expanded within the Form Builder and Office Settings and also been added to the Participants module and Templates making it easier to automate data input. Where to use merge tags.

  • All new projects created from scratch, a template or existing project will have Programs and Forms unpublished and when copied or created from scratch, Offers will be unpublished too. Exception: When copying a project from a template containing an Offer, the new project will inherit the Offer's published status.

  • In Project settings, you can add as many co-project managers as required and are no longer limited to three.

  • Improved German translations in Offer, Program and Forms for accuracy and a personalised experience.

  • Italian office region option and language support added to Offer, Program, Form and Check-in, enhancing service for Italian-speaking customers.


πŸ’‘Superusers can consider updating the Send offer link for their office in Office Settings.


  • The Overview / Payment Overview section displays products consistently with the Form Summary page on "View booking" and "Booking confirmation" so bookers get a clear summary of booked products.

  • Failed credit card refunds are now listed in Booking invoicing so that it is easy to spot if a refund has failed.


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