Qondor release notes, 1 June 2022
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Qondor users can now include merge tags Offer valid until and Offer location in texts to customers. This will automatically extract the information from the project, so that Project managers do not need to input this information manually.

💡Office admins can update office settings or project templates with the new merge tags.

The merge tags can be found along with other merge tags within the Offer dropdown.

The merge tag dropdown has been updated/added to the following text editors:

Suppliers - send email
Program - program login page
Program - information page
Office settings - Suppliers request email
Office settings - Supplier confirmation
Office settings - Share resource email
Lists - Share list

Booking confirmation email body has been updated with:
Project manager merge tags

Program html editors have been updated with:
Customer merge tags


Accommodation and products have been separated into two steps for easier navigation when building forms. All accommodation step settings have been moved to the same page.



Instead of first selecting "New step", then accommodation or products, users will now directly select acccommodation step or product step and the step will be created. This means one less click when adding an accommodation product and its settings can be administered from the same page.

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