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Use participant information in programs
Use participant information in programs

Make participant programs easier to create & maintain by adding merge tags. Participant information will be displayed automatically.

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When using Forms, additional information about a participant can be collated through participant custom fields. The collated information can provide great value for the participant, the Project manager and the end-customer. Common examples of participant custom fields being used for are: Group Assignment, table number at a dinner, choice of main course, and so on.

This information can be collected from the booking and automatically displayed in a participant program, through the use of a merge tag. This allows you to personalise the program per participant.

This is very convenient when handling complex events where the participant has provided a lot of important information that is specific to them.


A merge tag is a label used to gather information and allow specific details to be automatically filled in.

Tags make it possible to use and display the information in other modules in Qondor such as program.

It can also be used as a trigger to determine the language setting for a specific booking.


  1. In Participant Custom Fields, click this icon 👉 </> (this indicates a merge tag).

  2. The name of the tag will be automatically set to the same name as the Heading. Consider renaming the tag to make it short or easier to recognise.

  3. The merge tags will be created by default when adding a Participant Custom Field and will be available for use in the program.

  4. The program authentication setting must be set to either "per user login code" or "per user phone". Enable this in Program --> Settings --> Authentication.

  5. The merge tag information is only shown when a user logs into a program using a phone number or a login code.

6. In the text editor of the program click the "Merge tags" menu. Each participant custom field will be available to use and can be inserted anywhere in the textbox:

👆 In this example, the participant's choice of main course and table seat number will be pulled from the information provided in the participant's booking and displayed automatically within their program.

📌 If the booking is amended or updated, the displayed information in the program will also be updated instantly.

This is how the program will appear to the participant. Here you can see that their chosen main course and their table seat number has been automatically provided. 👇

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