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Create a form for your RFPs
Create a form for your RFPs

Ease the handling of your incoming requests by using a registration form

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To facilitate incoming requests from your customers you can use a registration form to collect the information you need. 

All info can be gathered using the "Registration" page and set up some custom participant fields.

  • All requests will have a pre-set format and fetch all relevant info which makes it easier for the Project Manager to handle it.

  • The RFP-form can be published on your homepage and/or on the customers intranet.

  • The customer gets a confirmation e-mail showing that the request has been received.

  • All requests can be found in a list. A list makes it easy to monitor trends, quantity and which customers are sending the requests.

To see a demo version of a Form for RFP click here

Do you have clients with specific needs?
You can create several RFP-forms in the Qondor-platform tailored to the specific needs. 

Next step in the sales process...
In Qondor you can also benefit from the possibility to send a request to your suppliers directly.

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