Usually parts (or all) of your terms & conditions for your customers won't change from project to project. If you need to do amendments, it is likely that it will be small changes (such as dates, amounts, currencies). 

That's why it could be a good idea to set up standard terms and conditions to display on all offers. See below to learn how to standardize general terms & conditions for all offers.


If you are a Superuser or Office admin, you can set a template for terms & conditions. The template is copied into each offer in the terms & conditions section, where you can easily adjust them without adjusting the template.

On the start page, click Office -> Settings.

You'll see this screen when you scroll down:

When you create an offer, this text is copied into the Terms & Conditions field in Offer settings:

In Offer terms & conditions you can make any changes you want for the current offer.


You can also define the text next to the accept T&Cs checkbox on offers in accordance with your legal process. This text can be amended under "Translations" in Office settings.

If you decide not to change this, Qondor will display the following text:

💡 Want to add terms & conditions to specific products?
Learn how to here.

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