Watch this short video for an introductory overview to Qondor

Find out what Qondor is and how to access it:

What is Qondor? 🤷‍♀️

How Qondor can help manage your work

Learn how to access Qondor 💻

I've logged in, now what do I do?

Get to know your Qondor home page 🖥

You might need some concepts in Qondor explained

Start to work with a project

Learn how Qondor help manage your projects 💡

Watch our introductory video of how to create a project 📹

Read about how to create a new project 📖

Use Qondor to handle your sales process with customers

Find out how Qondor assists in handling your whole sales process 💹

Learn to work with offers step by step 🏎

Watch a step by step guide on how to create an offer 📹

Attendee management

Learn how Qondor assists through the whole attendee process 👩👨

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