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A step by step on how Super admins/Office admins can import suppliers into Qondor

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The supplier module allows you to create and administer your supplier list or database, add potential suppliers to each project, send requests for proposals to suppliers and more.

A supplier could be an airline, hotel, DMC/agent, event management company, train company, restaurant, etc. As you work with Qondor, your database will grow. You can choose to manually register your main suppliers before you start working with live projects or register new suppliers manually whenever needed in new projects. If you have a list of all or a selection of your main suppliers, you can easily import these from Excel to Qondor instead of manually registering them. 

📌 Super admins: If your company has more than one office in Qondor, you can choose to make the same supplier list available for all offices or only to a particular office. (See further down, step 8 for details on how to do this.)


(Super admins and Office admins only)

  1. View this sample Excel file for how the list should be built

  2. All columns in the sample Excel file must be present for a successful import

  3. The data must be on the first sheet and the column headers on the first row

  4. Supplier name, Postcode, City and Country are required

  5. Save the Excel file on your computer with customer data you want to import

  6. In Qondor, go to Office -> Suppliers -> Import suppliers

  7. Select Click to choose a file, and import your file

  8. (Optional - Super admins only) Select "Global" from the dropdown list to make the suppliers available for all offices. Select the desired office from the dropdown list if the suppliers should only be available for a particular office.

    9. If the import is complete, you will receive the message "Import successful".
    10. If your import fails, you will receive a detailed description on why.

📌 Note! Supplier numbers are not unique. If you import the same supplier twice, a duplicate supplier will be created. 

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