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Your Qondor homepage
Your Qondor homepage

Get full overview of, search for and access projects, search for participants and create new projects - all on one page

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When you have logged in, you have a home page which is your central hub for working in Qondor and the stepping stone to working with projects.

The page looks like this when you log in for the first time:

Below this, projects based on your search criteria are displayed. Next time you log in, Qondor will display the tab you used last, either My Projects or Project search. You will see your most recently viewed projects at the top of the list.


Click "New project" to the top right to start registering a new project/request.


You mostly work with existing projects where you are a registered project manager. All your projects (where you are either main or co-project manager) can be viewed and accessed from My projects:

Below this, Qondor displays a list of projects sorted into categories:

Recent: The ten most recent projects you have visited in Qondor
Pending: Created in Qondor, but hasn't been confirmed or cancelled
Confirmed: Automatically set when customer confirms offer
Ongoing: A sub-status to Confirmed, automatically set upon start date
To be Finalised: A sub-status to Confirmed, automatically set on the day after return date
Finished: Manually set in Project settings
Cancelled: Manually set in Project settings. For reporting purposes, a cancellation reason must be given.

You can choose your preferred view by filtering the list by project status and/or type in a search criteria. Qondor will immediately display projects matching your criteria.


When you are working in a team, it's crucial to view, access and work with other projects than your own. Whether you're a project manager, team leader or other you need to get the information fast, then take whatever action needed. With Project search you will quickly find exactly what you're looking for without having to waste time.


You can search for Participants registered in projects in your office. Participants registered in the Participants menu, both those with and without bookings, can be searched for.

For travel tracking purposes, perform a search for example by selecting a location and choosing Ongoing projects only. All registered participants on ongoing projects to that location will be displayed:

You can click on the booking referance (if any) or participant name to access the booking, or the project name to access Project details for the project the participant belongs to.


Invoice search allows users to search by order number or external reference to easily identify and access invoice specifications, both from customer and booking payments. Partial searches are also possible.

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