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Set up vouchers
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With Qondor Check-in you are able to set up Check-in Points (e.g. for lunch, bars) with a set number of vouchers per point. Here's how:

  1. First, Check-in needs to be activated on your project. In order to activate check-in on your project, please submit your requirements for your event here: Once this is complete, Qondor Support will activate check-in within one working day on your project. This will open up the check-in points menu under Participant.

  2. From Participant -> Check-in Points add a new Check-in Point.

3. Set a Name, for example, "Bar August 24" and a Description

4. Allow check out will allow the check-in personnel (e.g. staff, bartenders, managers) to make check outs, in this case being able to change the number of vouchers a participant has used.

5. Override texts to fully customize the texts shown in the Check-in module.

6. Override number of check-ins to set a number of vouchers.

7. Set Requirements to set access control on the Check-in Point, either through a Product from your Form or a Custom Participant Field.

8. Set up your hardware, read more about the technical requirements here.

Qondor RFID/NFC Scanner for vouchers set up next to a regular payment terminal:

The fully customisable text lets the bartender know how many vouchers the customer has left. Green background colour for a valid purchase, red for invalid:

Screenshot of the Check-in module from the picture above:

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