With Qondor Check-in you are able to send your participants a QR code through email or SMS to administer your attendees' access to your event. Here's a quick guide:

  1. First, Check-in needs to be activated on your project. In order to activate check-in on your project, please submit your requirements for your event here: https://sales.qondor.com/checkin 

  2. Once your registration is complete, Qondor Support will activate check-in within one working day on your project. This will open up the check-in points menu under Participant.

  3. Set up a Check-in point in Qondor.

  4.  Distribute the QR codes to your attendees through email or SMS using the [badge_link] from the send email or SMS dialogue. Your attendee will receive a digital copy of their QR code, and can use their phone to identify themselves at your event!

  5. Set up your Check-in hardware at the event:

6. When the attendees arrive at your event you can scan their QR codes, either printed on paper or on their mobile device:

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