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How to setup 2FA via authenticator app as a Project Manager
How to setup 2FA via authenticator app as a Project Manager

This article describes the first time setup of two-factor (2FA) via authenticator as a Project Manager in Qondor.

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NB! Your authentication method can only be set by a Super Administrator. Read more about setting up 2FA via authenticator app for Qondor users in this article.


To complete this setup you are required to install a 2FA application on one of your devices to generate the one-time codes. We recommend Authy, Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator. If you're using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password these also have 2FA one-time code support.

The first time you login after 2FA via authenticator app has been enabled for your user, you are required to complete the following setup instructions.:

Step 1: Login with your username and password

First, login with your username and password:

Step 2: Confirm access to the email

Before continuing with the setup, you are required to confirm that you control the email account. A 4-digit code has been sent to your email. Enter the code to proceed:

Step 3: Scan the QR code in your authenticator app

After entering the 4-digit code, open your authenticator app and scan the QR code:

Step 4: Verify 2FA authenticator app setup

Verify the setup by entering the 6-digit authenticator code:

❗Remember that the code in your application renews every 30 seconds!

✅ And that’s it! You have successfully enabled 2FA authentication for your Qondor account.

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