With supplier products tickets, you can create, design and sell online mobile tickets on behalf of your supplier.


Make sure you've read the articles describing setup of Supplier products.

Once supplier products have been created and linked to products in your Form, you can proceed:

Booking confirmation email body:

Add the merge tag [Booking.Tickets] to your booking confirmation email. The merge tag will generate a URL to the booker if the booker has booked products that are connected to supplier products:

The email text is defined under Form - Settings - Booking confirmation.


The bookers who have successfully booked products linked to supplier products with tickets, will in their email have a link directing them to the mobile tickets if the [Booking.Tickets] merge tag has been used.

An example ticket could look like:

⭐ Tickets can be viewed on any device

⭐ Tickets are printer friendly when using the Print option from a browser.

⭐ The merge tag [Booking.Tickets] can be used in any email dialogue to bookers if you want to resend the tickets at a later time.

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