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Customize form content to each booker's needs

Use participant categories and/or conditions to create a more personal booking experience

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In more complex projects, project managers can save a lot of time and support by creating a registration form where each booker is only exposed to relevant information and questions. Qondor has two main features to make this happen: Participant categories and Form conditions.


If it is clear how you need to categorize participants in your project, it is easy to set up categories. An example could be that you have various participant groups: Participants, Speakers, Internal staff and VIPs all attending the same event.

By using participant categories, you can:

  • Define what content the participants should see;

  • What they need to pay for or not;

  • Which prices they should get and which forms of payment they can choose between;

  • As well as reserve allotment per category for specific products.

Bookers will choose their category on the first step before any participant custom fields are displayed:

If your project is complex with many needs you need to categorize and take into consideration, it might be an idea to consider Form conditions or a combination of the two. Read on for more information on Form conditions.


By using conditions, you can set up products that determine which products will be available for the booker on the next steps. So if the booker selects Product A on step 1, you can choose for step 2 and 3 to only show the products related to product A on step 1.

For instance, you can have a step where bookers choose where they are travelling from in a "choose between products" element. When selecting their departure destination (e.g. Copenhagen) on step 2, they will only be exposed to information and questions relevant to that destination (e.g. Copenhagen) on the next steps. For example, relevant transport and accommodation options. See the image below to understand the form flow that is possible with conditions:

❕Conditions require you to have at least two product steps on the form, in addition to the personal information step.

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