Send payment reminder to bookers

Make sure bookers pay their balance on time

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If you have bookings with a positive balance (the amount which bookers need to pay), you probably need to remind bookers to pay their outstanding amount. You can do this by sending a payment reminder from Qondor; follow the steps below to do this:

1. Ensure the following requirements are met for bookers to be able to pay

  • Their booking balance cannot be zero

  • If you have delayed payments in Form settings -> Payment, the date must be in the past when you send the reminder.

2. Send payment reminders by email or SMS

This can be sent from anywhere in Qondor where you can communicate with bookers (see this article for more information). The easiest way of sending payment reminders to everyone in the same operation is as follows:

  • Go to Form -> Bookings

  • Filter on Balance owed -> "Deposit" if deposit payment is due or "Total" if full payment is due. Click "Search".

  • All bookings that need to pay something (depending on whether you filter on deposit or total) are now displayed in the list.

  • Under Communication to the top right, choose to send by email or sms (sms requires pre-paid sms package).

  • In the following dialogue, define your message. Remember to include the Payment link merge tag (found under Merge tags -> Booking), otherwise bookers will not know where to go to complete payment.

  • The message is sent individually to each booker and logged in the Communication centrre.

3. Bookers receive payment reminders and complete payment

  • Each booker gets a unique link taking them to the payment step.

  • Here they see the payment overview. They can choose a form of payment on this step if both credit card and invoice are available. If not, the one available choice is pre-selected.

  • They can register or update their billing address if needed on the same step.

  • If credit card is selected, the booker will see a "Go to payment" button and is directed to the online payment processor to complete payment. When payment is completed the payment is registered in Qondor, the booking balance is updated and the booker receives an updated booking confirmation and a payment receipt by email.

  • If invoice is selected, the booker will see a "Confirm" button. When confirming, an invoice specification is generated and saved on the booking, the booking balance is updated and the booker receives an updated booking confirmation by email. The invoice specification is never sent to the booker, it is sent automatically by email to the specified email address for invoice specifications on the project. 

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