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Qondor SMS

Give customers a more personal experience and keep them updated to ensure event success

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Project managers in Qondor can use SMS to:

  • Send Programs to participants

  • Inform participants of important messages/changes like:
    - travel and activities
    - program changes
    - payments and name reporting

  • Remind participants to remember to pack passport, inform on dress code, which table they are placed at for dinner, which seminar group they belong to etc.

  • Send messages to customer contact persons in case of emergencies

  • Send messages both domestic and internationally

  • Keep control of sent SMS and recipients

  • You can also specify a named sender (in some countries), to make it more professional (e.g. your name, or your customers name).

  • Personalise SMS with project, participant information and more.

Please note that to be able to send SMS to participants, they must must have a country code and phone number registered in the Qondor "Phone" field.


To make it easy for everyone, SMS is bulk-priced per office. Prices are in Euro, and we will convert to your currency when invoicing:

1 segment = 1 SMS of 160 characters.

Example: 1 SMS message with a link and text of a total of 300 characters to 500 people is 1 000 SMS segments.

5 000 segments SMS package: € 600


Prepaid Packages

  • SMS packages are prepaid and not refundable

  • You are not able to send SMS unless invoice is paid by bank transfer or credit card

  • If you pay by credit card, packages can auto renew when they run out (so you don't need to re-order). From your Office settings in Qondor you can see how many messages you have left.

  • A package can be split between offices at the time of purchase, but can not be moved between offices.

Other information

  • Pricing can change at any time, but you keep the available list price on already purchased packages.

  • Keep in mind that a message of more than 160 characters is actually two messages combined into one, hence long messages incur higher costs. Please keep this in mind when presenting SMS options to your customers.

  • Messages can be sent both internationally and domestically.

  • At this point SMS messages can not be replied to by the recipient.

  • If you have purchased an SMS package without auto-renew and run out during a sending of SMS in bulk, Qondor will send them all and you will be invoiced for the negative amount.

  • Twilio is Qondor's SMS provider. Click here to view a list of countries that support alphanumeric sender ID (which countries messages can be sent to).


As part of Qondor's ongoing effort to help you build safe and trusted communications with your customers, it is necessary for us to remind all customers using Qondor SMS about the importance of adhering to our SMS provider Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy, Messaging Policy and Terms of Service. All Project managers using Qondor SMS should understand how to communicate with customers in compliance with these policies. If you need our assistance in communicating this to all users, we are happy to help. If we identify a violation of these terms or policies, we will work with you in good faith to get you back into compliance when situations allow. However, in certain cases, such as illegal or criminal activity, we will take immediate action to limit or suspend your access to the Qondor platform and/or Qondor SMS.

By purchasing Qondor SMS and to keep sending SMS text messages from Qondor, you accept the above mentioned terms. If you have any questions on this, please don't hesitate to contact us via


Order your SMS package here or send an email to if you have any questions.


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