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Form access validation through the Energi Fyn API
Form access validation through the Energi Fyn API
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This article describes a feature available to a limited group of Qondor customers.

Form access can be validated through an EnergiFyn API. With Form Front Page configured to use access codes, the bookers will have to input a valid code on the Front Page to access the Form.

A Form Front Page with access code requirements:


All projects in an Office that has the Energi Fyn API feature active will have an additional option in the Participant categories Published on Form setting:

In Form builder, make sure the Front Page has "Yes, with access code" set:


In the Form, codes input will be sent to the Energi Fyn API for validation. If Qondor recieves an OK response, access to the Form will be granted.

🔐 Qondor will wait 5 seconds for the API to respond. If no response, Qondor will check the code in any other participant category published. If no valid codes are found, an invalid message will be displayed.

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