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Manage Non-refundable lines in bookings

What to do when a product that is non-refundable needs to be refunded

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In Qondor, products are non-refundable if Project managers do not set refund rules on the product. Project managers might not set refund rules because the product is in fact non-refundable and is not expected to be changed. However, in some cases an exception may need to be made.

1. Scenarios where non-refundable lines may appear


You might have bookings where products have been paid for, but due to a change in the booking you need to refund a participant. In other cases, the booking may not have been prepaid, (if payment has been delayed) but you will still need to correct the balance in Qondor. Common scenarios you may find yourself in:

  • The participant may no longer be able to attend for example, a particular activity and needs to remove the product from their booking, but they have already paid and there are no refund rules set. 

  • The participant may want to cancel a trip and book another instead, but again the trip is non-refundable and there is an outstanding balance.

  • In another case, where refund rules are set, the booker has paid and may have missed the deadline for refunds.

  • The whole booking needs to be cancelled and the non-refundable products refunded in full.

You might offer the participant a full refund as an exception given their circumstances or for other reasons. If a booking is cancelled, or a product is removed from a booking and does not have an eligible refund rule set up, Qondor will label this product as non-refundable. In this case, Qondor will not do anything and only the Project manager has the right to remove the non-refundable line from the booking and correct the balance.


You only need to complete part 1 if there is no payment in the booking. Follow part 1 and part 2 if there is payment involved.


Part 1: Update the booking

  1. Go to the booking from the Form menu and select edit booking to go into the booking

  2. Remove the product from the booking, by unchecking the selected product(s).

  3. Click 'Save and go to summary' if no other products need to be removed.

  4. Scroll down to the removed product and click the red cross ❌ to remove the transaction.

  5. Check "Do not send email" under Admin, if you do not want an updated confirmation to be sent automatically to the booker.

  6. Click Confirm to submit the changes.

Watch part 1 here:

What the transaction log will look like with no payment:


Begin with part 1: Update the booking.

Part 2: Register the credit card refund in Qondor and in your online payment service provider.

  1. Go back to the booking from the Form menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Financial details'.

  2. You will see that there is an outstanding negative balance and an option to create an online payment refund at the bottom of the page. Click to create the online payment refund.

  3. The balance will become 0.

❗ Make sure to refund the payment in your online payment service provider to refund the payment back to the booker's card. 

Only steps 1-4 in the articles below need to be followed in these scenarios.

Watch part 2 here:


Complete the steps in part 1 and then the below.

Part 2: Register the refund in Qondor by crediting the booking invoice.

  1. Go to Invoicing --> Booking invoice 

  2. Select "only credit notes (bookings with negative balance)" from the dropdown

  3. Select the relevant booking

  4. Save the invoice

   5. The balance becomes 0


If you forget to remove the transaction(s) on the summary page and confirm the changes, then the transaction will remain as paid with no refund to be registered. In this case, you need to:

  1. Go to "financial details" in the booking and "view complete transaction log". 

  2. Here, you will see the non-refundable product and a red bin next to it, click the red bin to delete the transaction and Qondor will display a negative balance. 

  3. Then follow the same steps as listed above to bring the balance to 0.


If you need to cancel a whole booking with products, then you can cancel the booking as normal by hitting "cancel booking" at the bottom of the booking page.

Then you will need to follow the same steps as above by going to the transaction log in the booking, using the red bin to delete the products and then following the steps listed above to bring the balance to 0.


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