❗ When registering a Stripe refund in Qondor the amount will be automatically refunded to the credit card through Stripe.

1. In Qondor, find the booking that needs refunding, and go to "Financial details".

2. Register an Additional payment with a negative Selling amount you would like to refund. Make sure its set to paid by Booker. You'll also need to set a description and an article.

3. Click create an online payment refund on the additional payment you registered. This option is at the bottom of the page:

4. If the refund through Stripe is successful Qondor will create a credit note, the payment will be "Refunded" and the booking balance will be adjusted:


The last digits in the Qondor order number (1308 in the example above) is your unique identifier in the Stripe Dashboard. Performing a search in Stripe can confirm that the transaction has been refunded and can supply addtional details if necessary:


💡 Create Online Payment refund is only available if the booking balance is negative and Credit card is a possible form of payment on the booking.

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