If your Qondor office has connected Nets Easy or Stripe as an online payment processor, Project managers are able to refund amounts paid directly from Qondor.

❗ When registering a refund in Qondor the amount will be automatically refunded

1. In Qondor, find the booking that needs refunding, and go to "Financial details".

2. Register an Additional payment with a negative Selling amount you would like to refund. Make sure it's set to paid by Booker. You'll also need to set a description and a VAT article.

3. Click Create an online payment refund on the additional payment you registered. This option is at the bottom of the page:

4. If the refund is successful Qondor will create a credit note, the payment will be Refunded and the booking balance will be adjusted accordingly:

5. No credit note is automatically sent to the booker. Project managers can download the credit note under "Financial details" as seen above, and attach it in an email to the booker.


💡 The "Create Online Payment refund" button is only visible if the booking balance is negative and Credit card is a possible form of payment on the booking.

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