When using Nets Easy, Worldline or Stripe as your PSP in Qondor, you can perform a partial or full refund to a booker directly in Qondor including a complete VAT calculation. When performing refunds as described in this article, the refunded amount will be returned to the booker's credit card.


In my scenario, mr. Mason Thomas has:

  • Purchased 2x Tickets for Øyafestivalen 2022 and paid through credit card

  • Requested a refund for one of the tickets

The following guide will show you how to remove the product, add the ticket back to the available allotment, adjust the booking balance including the correct VAT articles, and refund the amount back to his credit card! 😊

1. Open the booking through edit booking from the Booking Details:

2. Reduce the number of tickets from 2 to 1 on the product in question:

3: On the Summary page, make sure to remove the NON-REFUNDABLE transactions for the products you would like to refund:

4. In the Booking Financial details the balance is negative and the online payment refund section is visible. Click Create under create an online payment refund to adjust the booking balance and refund the booker credit card in the payment service provider:

5. If the refund is successful Qondor will create a credit note, the payment will be Refunded, and the booking balance will be adjusted accordingly:

6. Note that no credit note email is sent to the booker automatically. If you would like, you can download the credit note in the Financial details, and attach it in an email to the booker.


💸 Credit card refunds are automatically refunded back to the credit card!

💡 The "Create Online Payment refund" button is only visible if the booking balance is negative and Credit card is a form of payment in the booking.


If you want to perform a manual refund, for example refunding the booker for a discount you can do this through manually adding a negative additional payment.

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