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Fonts in Qondor ✍️
Fonts in Qondor ✍️

Understand why we have a limited set of fonts and find out how to apply for more fonts.

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We've had a few questions about the available fonts in Qondor, the burning question being: 

Why are there only five fonts to choose from? 🤔

Are you wondering the same thing? Then read on to find out the reasons for this, which fonts we support and also learn how to apply for more fonts for use in Qondor.


These are the fonts available for use in Qondor:

  • Arial

  • Lato

  • Open Sans

  • Raleway

  • Titillium Web

These fonts are some of the best and most used fonts in the world. 🏆 We handpicked these because they represent a great amount of fonts and font families, meaning you can almost always find a font that resembles the one you may be looking for. 

Also, most fonts that have good readability on the web are similar to one of the fonts listed above. Therefore, Project managers can always be sure that they are making a safe choice that looks good and is easy to read, by selecting one of these fonts.


Reasons for why we choose to only support five fonts in Qondor:

1# Too much choice can be overwhelming.
We don't want to over-complicate things. There are over 500, 000 fonts in the world, and that could make it difficult for Project managers to choose one that suits!

2# It is not possible to support all fonts.
There will always be rare fonts that will not be included in any font library.

Your customer wants you to add their font for use on their Form registration web. They have paid a company to design this font. It's unique thus cannot be found anywhere.

Firstly, you would have to obtain the rights to use this font in a third party app. Secondly, you could encounter problems with the way this font is displayed. Not all fonts have support for all symbols. So the form registration could misinterpret the text, suddenly displaying odd symbols, letters, etc. instead of the intended text. Lastly, it might be difficult to obtain the correct font files from your customer as not everyone has access to these.

3# Qondor chooses not to support more fonts to help you make the right choice.
If we open up to more fonts, anyone could upload fonts that are not designed for use on the web or makes the system look unprofessional and out of place. And that would weaken our brand and yours.

Example 1: Fonts that are not made for the web. If Qondor supported all fonts, it would be possible to add Serif fonts:

Serif fonts are used in newspapers, books and other printed materials and Sans Serif is used on the web. Serif fonts are not recommended here, as it would be a unpleasant user experience to read text displayed in this font.

Example 2: It would be possible to add fonts that are made for fun, and are not recommended for use on a platform such as Qondor where you want to present your brand professionally:

You might be thinking, "Duh, I would never add something like that if I had the choice to add a lot of fonts."  And we trust you wouldn't. 😉 But we want to help you provide the best experience to your customers, so we do not want to risk a user making that mistake. 


If you have a font that you would like to use in Qondor and the font does not resemble any of our available fonts, feel free to send a request to: We are open to adding more fonts in the future, but we have to consider whether it is a user friendly font that can be displayed on the web and isn't completely similar to the ones we already support.

💡 Learn how to edit text effectively in Qondor.

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