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Why use offers and best practices
Best practices for creating Offers in Qondor
Best practices for creating Offers in Qondor

Follow these best practices to produce attractive Offers whilst communicating your product or service effectively to customers

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You have:

  • the product or service to meet the customer's needs ✔ 

  • competitive prices ✔

  • relevant information and the fine details ✔

But are you presenting this content in a compelling way to clinch the closing deal?

Offer design is often overlooked, yet it is a powerful component that can make your offers and company stand out. It's not just about looking pretty, but about communicating your products or services effectively as a poorly designed offer can be unclear, difficult to read and fail to communicate successfully with your customer.

This could cost you a sale.

So use the following tips as a checklist, to ensure that you are presenting your offer in a way that not only attracts but helps your customer. 📋


Create a personalised signature template that you can add to your customer web front page for each project, to engage with customers at the first touchpoint.

Things you could include:

  • Full Name

  • Job role/position

  • Company

  • Mobile number

  • Office number (Check as this may already be on the footer of your offer)

  • Office address (Check as this may already be on the footer of your offer)

  • Personal Profile Picture and logo (click on the link to see how to insert an image successfully)

  • Social Icons (Insert images of social buttons and include a link to your company's social media pages) 

Fonts and formatting:

  • Use the same font type in your email signature and don't use more than 2-3 different font sizes. Using too many different sizes will make your offer look incoherent and perturb the reader.

  • If using different colours, use colours that reflect your brand and again keep this to a maximum of 2-3 colours.

  • Be consistent with spacing as this makes the signature look professional and clean. It also makes it easier for the customer to spot information quickly.


Be consistent with image templates
Qondor offers a range of image templates for you to choose from so you can alternate each offer, but when it comes to one offer, it is wise to be consistent with image templates and not mix them.

For instance, if you choose to use a left aligned image with text on the right hand side, don't then opt to display the next section with a right aligned image with text on the left. This would be tiring for the eyes and make your offer appear unstructured.

Create more impact with an image slider

The last template on the right allows you to activate an image slider on offers. This allows you to upload up to six images that alternate automatically.

Try to avoid too much white space
Qondor offers are formulated to ensure you can present a great looking and structured offer with minimal effort. Each separate offer element will create a new section in your offer; to ensure this layout has maximum effect our designers recommend to avoid white space where possible.


When using images, fill up any space with useful information alongside the image.

Text alignment 

We recommend left aligned text as opposed to centered text, when using paragraphs, as it is easier to read than centered text. This is because the paragraph will form a straight edge, whereas in a centered text, the beginning of each line is not consistent and forces your readers to work harder when reading. 

Centered text can be used for headings and short texts but avoid mixing the two. Left aligned headlines should go with left aligned text and centered headlines should go with centered text. Otherwise your text will look imbalanced and be uncomfortable to read.



Most customers will be put off by large amounts of text and may end up simply glancing through rather than actually taking in the information presented to them. This could result in a lost sale. To keep the attention of prospective customers, try to break up text in a functional and appealing way.

Use headings and subheadings

Present paragraphs/sections with headings to divide up content and use these as an opportunity to highlight different benefits to customers. Select from one of the headings in Format.

Use bullet point lists 

This is useful for when you need to display a lot of text as it provides some visual relief, allowing for clarity and ease of read. 

It can also be more impactful, as the customer will be able to easily identify your selling points.

Use paragraphs

Paragraphs will help segment the information to make it easier to read and to comprehend the information.

💡 Tip: check out this article to learn more on how to edit text effectively.


How to avoid this reaction and still include more:

Not every detail is necessary to include in the offer and you don't want to overload the offer with information. However, the customer might be interested in learning more, so here are some methods to make it easy for them to access more information.

Consider adding links to:

  • the websites of the products you are selling

  • locations in Google maps

  • banqueting menus

  • Floor plans 

  • Suggested seating plans/layouts

How to add links:

In the HTML editor, either highlight the text you want to link or go to "Insert" in the tool bar and select Insert/edit link.

Include a "read more" section for the less crucial details

You want to highlight the unique selling points, but at the same time there is likely to be more that you need to expand on.

In this case, you can include additional information in the 'description' field on a product in Offer Design. This will activate a 'read more' button which the customer can click in order to view the additional information. The customer can then go back to viewing the original contents by clicking 'hide'. This makes the offer more compact meaning: less to scroll through, avoids an overload of information and it's ultra smooth too, operating via one click. 


For new end customers, this will be their first time accessing Qondor. To help your customers and guide them quickly to your offer, you could include instructions on how the online offer works and how they can answer it.

This information can be included in the message on the Customer Web Front page.

What to include:

  • How to access the offer

  • Their options for selecting a product (Yes, no, maybe)

  • Inform the customer that they can provide feedback directly in the offer via Offer comments

  • How to accept terms and conditions and the offer

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