❗This is just a beta function in Qondor that we still are working on. For more information please contact support@qondor.com 

Recipe to import an offer from DMC:

  • Create a project

  • Create the supplier you want to import from in the menu Office -> Suppliers (you dont have to add the supplier in the project)

  • Make sure that the supplier has the right hostname in the "Qondor hostname" field

  • Open the offer sent from the supplier and keep the tab open in the browser (you have to be logged in as a contact person)

  • In your project, go to "OFFERS" in the main menu and press the "Import offer" button

  • Choose the name of you offer in the header field

  • Choose the exchange rate.
    Example: if you get an offer in EUR and you will sell it in NOK, set the exchange rate to "10" 

  • Choose the article you want to use on your products. The article will be added to all the products

  • Press save as a new offer. The new offer will behave as the same way as any other offers in Qondor

This is whats beeing imported:

  • Offer heading

  • Product groups with products that are accepted, unsure or unanswered

  • Standard-, Transport- and Accommodation products which is accepted, unsure or unanswered

  • Offer quantity

  • Location IATA code & Location


  • When you import an offer, the out prices from the original offers is saved as in prices in your imported offer out

  • All imported products will have "Customer (as offered)" set on "Who is paying"

  • You can only import published offers

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