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Import an Offer from a supplier (Beta)
Import an Offer from a supplier (Beta)

How to import an offer from a supplier into your project

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❗This is a beta function in Qondor that we still are working on.


📌To activate Offer import in your office, please contact

📌 The supplier must have import/export offer enabled on their side.

📌Being able to import an offer from a supplier requires the supplier to be set up correctly in your supplier database. You only need to do this once per supplier. (See below.)

Setting up the supplier in your supplier database

  1. Go to the menu: Suppliers

    (You don't need to add the supplier in the project.)

  2. Create the supplier you want to import by clicking "New Supplier" or go to the existing supplier. (Read more about building your supplier database here.)

  3. Make sure that the supplier has the correct hostname in the "Qondor hostname" field.

  4. Click save.


  • Open/login to the offer you received from the supplier and keep the tab open in the browser.

    Go back to your Qondor. In your created project, go to "OFFERS" in the main menu and click the "IMPORT OFFER" button.

  • Choose the name of your offer in the header field.

  • Choose the exchange rate.
    Example: if you get an offer in EUR and you will sell it in NOK, set the exchange rate to "10" (1 EUR = 10 NOK)

  • Choose the article you want to use on your products. The article will be added to all the products.

  • Press save as a new offer. The new offer can be amended and sent in the same way as any other offer in Qondor.


  • Offer heading

  • Product groups with products that are accepted, unsure/maybe or unanswered.

  • Standard-, Transport- and Accommodation products which are accepted, unsure or unanswered.

  • Offer quantity

  • Location IATA code & Location


  • When you import an offer, the out prices from the original offer (the suppliers offer) is saved as in-prices in your imported offer.

  • All imported products will have "Customer (as offered)" set on "Who is paying".

  • You can only import published offers.

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