Project managers may need to include additional payments in the case that they need to charge bookers for additional products/services that aren't available on the form, (perhaps because they have occurred during or after the event) or to refund bookers.

Possible scenarios for additional payments:

  • Participant has extended their hotel stay during their stay

  • Product is not available on the form

  • Product is no longer bookable on the form

  • The booker is purchasing an individual flight ticket

  • Incidentals incurred during the event 

  • Project manager needs to correct a wrong balance

  • Project manager needs to register a credit card refund

  • Refund rules are not applicable for a particular booking and booking balance must be corrected

And so on. This function is flexible and so will suit most scenarios where additional charges aside from the form need to be posted. As this is done outside of the form booking, it won't show on the booking confirmation but will be visible on the final invoice specification or credit card receipt.


Head to the relevant booker's booking details.

Scroll down to the bottom and click Financial payments.

Here you will see the option to add a description, choose who it is to be paid by (booker or customer), select the correct article and manually add the amount. 

To register a refund, the Project manager must input a negative amount.

If you are using DIBS to register payments, then this refund must be done in DIBS to complete the actual refund. Learn how to register DIBS credit card refunds here.

If you have registered an amount or payment incorrectly, then you can delete this by clicking the red bin and registering a new one. If a refund is already made in DIBS then the correction will need to be made in DIBS too.


List with additional payments
Head to lists and create a Dynamic list of Bookings and select 'additional payments' in List fields. Your list will look something like below.

Need to share this list safely with your customers or suppliers? 🔐 Learn how to here.

Credit card report
In Forms --> Booking, you can download a credit card report with a summary of credit card payments per VAT article, in addition to DIBS refunds per VAT article.

Learn more here

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