No group trip, meeting or conference without changes in attendees' preferences and details, right? Project managers and bookers can easily update information to ensure correct lists, allotment, payment balances and so on at all times.

Often, bookers may need to update their information or register other participants (depending on the type of booking). Bookers may want to add or remove products, for example a workshop, add or remove accommodation and so on.

Another scenario is that Project managers may expand forms later on, adding necessary form steps and products meaning the booker may need to go back into the form to complete this.

If Project Managers have enabled the 'allow changes by booker' option in Form Settings bookers can amend their registration themselves. If this setting is not enabled, they will not be able to. Project managers may choose to keep it like this to stay in control, and can access bookings on behalf of the booker.


Project managers must enable 'allow changes by booker' in Form settings. It is possible to set a deadline for changes too.

Head to the Booking Confirmation tab and make sure the [login_link] is included so that it will appear in the registration confirmation email so that bookers can view and/or edit their booking.


Bookers edit themselves

When the booker confirms their registration, they will automatically receive a confirmation email which also includes a login link:

The booker can click on this link to re-enter their booking to view or make any necessary changes. They will be directed to the summary page. If the Project manager has not allowed for changes by the booker then the booker will only be able to view the booking summary:

If changes are permitted then the booker will have the following view:

To edit the booking, click Edit Booking. The booker will be directed to the Personal Details step and they can move through the form as they wish. They may for instance, want to edit their telephone number or add a hotel room.

Once the booker is done, they must follow through to the booking summary page, accept the terms and conditions (if added) and confirm the booking again. This is to ensure the changes are saved. The booker will receive an updated email confirmation.

If at any point the booker changes their mind, they can click the blue text to cancel changes. 

Project managers edit bookings

Project managers can edit from the following places:

  1. Bookings 

  2. Participants 

  3. Lists ('Reference' must be checked in List options). 

You can choose which step in the form you would like to be directed to and click 'edit booking' to enter the booking:

  • Make the necessary changes. 

  • You can go straight to the booking summary to confirm and save changes by clicking 'save and go to summary' or continue through the form (clicking 'previous/next')

  • To cancel changes click 'click here to cancel edit' in blue text.

  • As an admin, you can choose whether or not to send the updated confirmation to the booker.


A multi booking can be edited in the same way as above. This type of booking also has other participants connected to one booking. 

Learn how to enable and edit multibooking and communicate with all participants

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