As a Project manager, you might be required to offer several products from which the booker must select only one. Choose between products are a great option for this scenario; learn how to create this type of product below.


  1. After creating a Step, click the icon with the two arrows. A dialog will appear to the right, allowing you to complete the details of the products.

  2. Type in the name of the form element in the Heading field (this is mandatory).

  3. Under "Select product", choose to add a new product by choosing + New standard product or + New transport product from the dropdown list. (Learn how to create new Standard and Transport products from Form builder.)

  4. Alternatively, you can add an existing product from the dropdown list by selecting it.

  5. Add as many Standard or Transport products as required.

  6. See example below of choose between products in Form builder:

Here is an example of how it will appear on a registration form:

The booker will only be able to select one of the options to book.

💡 TIP: Choose to hide product info in Form Builder for a cleaner looking form, if you have no image or description on the products.

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