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Check-in FAQ

Frequently asked questions around check-in

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1. How do I get started with Check-in on my project?

2. Do I need to order technical equipment from the Qondor team?

For each event, you can decide whether to order equipment from us or you can buy/rent equipment on own initiative.

3. What technical equipment is needed?

Required equipment depends on what type of Check-in solution you go for. 

4. is my company invoiced for using Check-in on a particular project?

Any technical equipment is invoiced when ordered. Number of Check-ins/vouchers are invoiced after the event has taken place.

5. I have all the information I need, how do I order?

Complete the check-in order form here:

6. Why do I have to contact Qondor to get started with Check-in?

So that we have all the necessary information to meet your needs and to ensure necessary equipment, correct setup and handling, as well as for invoicing purposes, Qondor support must activate Check-in on the project. This can be only be enabled once you have submitted a request via the form:

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