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How to segment participants for targeted communication
How to segment participants for targeted communication

Explore smart segmentation techniques for participant communication and use targeted messaging for efficient and relevant updates.

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Managing communication in projects is key, but it can be challenging when participants fall into different categories or statuses. Whether it's invitees, attendees, various participant categories or tracking payment statuses, it's important to send the right message to the right group. The Participants module simplifies this by allowing project managers to directly email or send SMS to individuals or groups, tailoring messages based on their specific needs. This feature is especially useful for managing a diverse set of participants, ensuring each group receives relevant information. Here's how to make the most of it.


  1. Go to Participant --> Participants, and select the relevant filter by choosing from the dropdown. Click Enter on your keyboard or Search.

💡For example: if you need to segment communication to a specific Participant Category, you can use the filter Category and apply the relevant one.

2. Check the box for the recipients you need to contact and click on either invite, email or SMS.

3. Tailor the invite/email/SMS to the chosen recipients and click send. You will see how many recipients you are about to send it to in the top left corner.


In the Form module, the Bookings section is a central point for managing and overseeing bookings. In this section you can easily get an overview of participant categories, payments and bookings, as well as segmenting communication to participants. Learn more about booking administration here.

You may need to communicate with attendees about their payment status, such as outstanding deposits or invoices. The Bookings section offers a status filter which allows you to identify and reach out to those specific participants who have for e.g. pending financial transactions, ensuring efficient and targeted communication.

How to segment communication in bookings

  1. Go to Form --> Bookings and select the relevant filter by choosing from the dropdown and click Search.

💡 For example: if you need to segment communication to those who have outstanding deposits, you can use the filter Balance owned and choose Deposit.

2. After applying the relevant filter, click on either Email or SMS and tailor the content to the chosen recipients.


The Lists feature lets you easily keep track of participant information and share it safely with everyone involved. No more messy spreadsheets - keep your lists up-to-date and secure.

It is also a great way to segment communication to a specific Participant category or to those with one particular answer on a Participant custom field or product.

How to segment communication in lists

  1. Go to Lists --> click on Preview on the list of participants you want to communicate with. The Preview button is an eye-icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

2. Click in the search field and type in what you need to filter on, for e.g. participant categories, Participant custom fields or a specific product.

💡You can either segment communication based on entire lists or use the search field to filter out the information you need. If you want to communicate with participants in an entire list, simply click into the list as described in step 1. and click on email or SMS.

3. After applying the filter, click on email or SMS to communicate with these recipients.

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