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Enable limitations on Participant category selection in Multi bookings
Enable limitations on Participant category selection in Multi bookings

Enable limitations on participant category selection and ensure consistent category choices for the booker and additional persons.

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There are a vast number of scenarios to consider in Meetings & Events, but it is also crucial for Project managers to keep control and therefore be able to select a specific setup and rules. Without these guidelines, there's a risk that bookers might register incorrect information, creating extra work for Project managers who then need to rectify these errors. Additionally, a lack of clarity can lead to numerous inquiries from bookers, confused about the registration process. Moreover, this confusion can result in dissatisfaction among end customers and stakeholders hosting the event, concerned with the form and extra costs incurred.

To prevent these potential issues, Project managers have the option to enable limitations within Participant categories in Multibookings. By doing so, they can limit the booker's category selection for themselves and for additional persons. This provides increased flexibility for Project managers when building forms helping to minimize unnecessary administrative tasks and reduce the need for additional support.


  • Restrict bookers to only add additional persons in the same category as themselves.

  • Limit the booker's choice of category, for example they can only book "Participant", not "Partner".

  • Limit the additional person's category, for example, the booker cannot book an additional person in the "Participant category", but can choose the "Partner" category for them.


◾The booker can only add additional participants in the same category as themselves.


All participants in the same booking must book the same category, for example one delegate is booking for several others in their organisation but they are all delegates and none are speakers or exhibitors, so those categories are irrelevant for them.

How: Check "enforce single category booking" and save.

How it looks for the booker (it is not possible to select a different category):

◾Limit which category a booker is allowed to select for themselves and for additional persons.


Participants on an incentive event are allowed to bring a partner, so the booker, who is a regular participant, can only book themselves as a participant and not as a "partner", and only a "partner" as an additional person, not an extra participant, as that does not make sense for the event.

How: In this example, there are three categories - Participant, Exhibitor, Partner.

  • Check "only booker" for the category that should be available to the booker.

  • Check "only additional participants" for the category that should be available to book for additional participants (e.g. "partner").

  • Check "everyone" and "enforce single category booking" on the category available to everyone (e.g. "exhibitor") and should be bookable for all participants if chosen.

❕Remember to save your settings.

How it looks for the booker:

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