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Form translations

Form translations allows you to create one online order form in several languages.

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  1. Go to Form --> Translations

  2. Texts for the default language (set in Project settings --> Communication and Language --> Participant web (Form)) will be displayed. Click add language to start adding translations. Select the language from the dropdown and click save or ALT+S.

  3. You will now be able to add translations for all texts created in Form builder.

  4. Click add a translation to start adding translations:

  5. You can also update the default language texts from here.

    📌 Note: If you change any texts in Form builder, these will not be updated on the Translations page.

    Type in the translation for the text.

    Click save and next to save the translation and proceed to the next text.

    Click previous to go to the previous text without saving.

    Click next to go to the next text without saving.

  6. Continue adding all translations. If you have a lot of texts or need to come back to the form to finish the translations, use the missing toggle feature to view only texts that need to be translated.

  7. Remember to click the yellow eye icon when you are finished to publish the translations onto the form.

  8. Use the red bin to delete the language - note all translated texts will be deleted.

  9. Click the link icon🔗to copy the form url for this translation. Sharing this link means that recipients will go directly to the intended version.


Whichever link the participant receives, they will be lead to a form in that language.

If you share the live address from form builder, they will receive the form in the default language. When the language is published, the language toggle will still be available on the live form. Participants will also be able to select between default language and translated language(s) from the dropdown:

The participant will also receive the email and booking confirmation pdf in the translated language too.


If you are importing and inviting participants, you can predefine the form language for each participant.


  1. If you copy a project with forms translations, the forms translations will be copied into the new project.

  2. The default language in project settings cannot be changed once you add translations.


  1. Translate one language at a time for ease and efficiency.

  2. Consider creating text templates for different languages for texts you reuse.

  3. Create a form front page where you can add the custom URLs to the relevant language.

  4. Choose the default language of the form to be the one most/all participants understand. For e.g., if most of your participants are English speakers and only some speak Dutch, set the default language to English.


📩Contact and we will get this activated within one working day.

🛒Form translations is free of charge for all forms created in 2022 only. For e.g. even if you create a form in December 2022 and it is not live until 2023, the feature will still be free.

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