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Qondor release notes, Week 17, April 2022
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Written by Nitu Kaur Sabbharwal
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The override default header for offer invoice field in Office settings has been hidden if not enabled.


There have been reports of this field being autofilled from Google Chrome when a user enters Office settings. This seems to only occur if the field is blank. In order to prevent this from happening, we have hidden the input field unless this is enabled and text is completed.

Do I need to do anything?

No. For offices with its own heading, the override setting will be activated automatically and that text will display in the field.

For offices which have left this field blank, the default header "Invoice specification" will appear as normal.


1. Flag icons have been removed.

Bookers should be able to select a language without selecting a country (flag icon). Using flags/countries to indicate a language is not always correct.

This has been replaced with a globe icon. 🌐

2. Language options are now displayed in the local format/spelling.

Bookers can easily identify the language they want to view the form in by selecting the language from the dropdown. The dropdown will be displayed using the local language format so that it is instantly recognisable to native speakers.


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