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Qondor release notes, Week 16, April 2022
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Written by Nitu Kaur Sabbharwal
Updated over a week ago


  • The Project manager no longer needs to scroll in a text editor or expand it, as it will now present all the content inside the text editor automatically when loading a page in Admin Web. This makes for a better view and user experience.

  • Invoice credit notes now have the correct status "Refunded" in Qondor when they are set to "paid" through the API.

  • Improvements have been made to Project Ledger in order to make the page more user friendly. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

    • Table columns have been reordered and corrected for better alignment to improve overview.

    • Table columns have been given more space to improve readability.

    • A "Status" field has been added to invoice specifications to show the API and payment status overview.

    • Amount field has been renamed to "Amount (excl VAT.)" to make which figures are being shown clearer.

    • Total invoiced/total paid heading has been renamed to "Total".

    • Credit notes are now listed to have unity with the Customer invoicing page.

    • A bug which caused Booking payments to not be visible until there were Customer offer invoices has been fixed.

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