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Critical Success Factors for Onboarding
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When your organisation takes on something new, it brings both opportunities and challenges. Qondor is a very flexible system that can help realise great business value, but it should not stand alone. Counting from our experience in onboarding new organisations and users, here is our advice on what we feel is crucial to succeed with Qondor:

  • Dedicate time and focus in the organisation on all affected levels; management, users, and teams like ticketing and accounting.

  • Choose a time period where affected users have capacity to take on something new.

  • Define key internal Qondor players; Product owner, ambassador and Superusers.

  • Key players provide insights into work processes, challenges and what determines success to your Qondor Customer success manager.

  • Together with Qondor you define what is needed to achieve success, set goals and facilitate how these can be fulfilled. Remember to follow up, evaluate and adjust if necessary!

  • Communicate internally why Qondor is introduced, which changes and opportunities it brings and that everyone is responsible for investing in their own Qondor competence.

  • Create internal enthusiasm and positive ambassadors.

  • Allocate time for key players to define system routines, guidelines and templates before full onboarding.

Know that we are here to help you every step of the way, together we stay stronger!

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