Form conditions

Enable sophisticated rules for displaying form content so bookers gain a tailored booking experience based on their choices

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If you want to customize a form to each booker's needs, form conditions can be used to expose bookers to products that are relevant for each individual only.

It requires you to have at least two product steps on the form, in addition to the personal information step. You can create products that bookers must select to see and select other products in later steps. For example, you can have a step where participants choose where they are travelling from in a "choose between products" element. When selecting their departure destination, they will only be exposed to information and questions relevant to that destination, on the next step(s). For example, transport and accommodation options or workshop parallel sessions.


In the example above, the first product step 'Attendance' has four products bookers can choose. On the following 'Workshops' step, there are two different choose between products, where conditions are defined on both. Conditions are set per product you publish in Form builder. Click "Conditions" and a slide in window with a dropdown of the products on the previous step appear:


On the registration form, the booker will experience the following:

The Workshops and Social program step become available.


  • Conditioned products must be in a later step.

  • The booker only needs to select one conditional product in order to see products that are conditioned on it.

  • It is not possible to create conditions based on a selection made on the personal information step. If you want bookers to have form content based on their selection on the personal information step, you must use participant categories.

  • It is not possible to create conditions for accommodation products, so if you want conditioned accommodation products you cannot use the accommodation module. You can either use participant categories or standard products for accommodation booking, to cover this scenario.


  • It is not possible to conditions products to a specific participant as the form conditions applies to the booking as a whole. E.g.: If the booker selects a product, and name reports it to a specific participant, the conditioned product can be select by any participants in the multibooking.

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