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Print an Offer or create PDF version
Print an Offer or create PDF version

How Project managers can enable their customers with a printed or PDF version of an offer

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Written by Nitu Kaur Sabbharwal
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Sometimes recipients of Qondor offers might prefer offers in print rather than web format, for instance for processing internally. Project managers can provide this by following this simple guide below.


  1. Go to the offer you would like to print.

  2. From Offer admin, click the three dots to expand more options. Then click Print offer.

  3. A new tab will open, and the print dialog will appear with a print friendly offer. For example, see below (browser: Google Chrome). Adjust print settings if required and Click print.


  1. Change the destination from the printer to "save as pdf" and click save:

2. To send a pdf attachment in an email to the customer, you can do this from the Send offer dialogue by including a project file link. This way the customer has the choice of viewing the offer online or viewing the pdf attachment.

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