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No payment when booking, deposit payment later, and full payment after that
No payment when booking, deposit payment later, and full payment after that

How to set up no payment at the time of booking, then deposit and full payment later and how it works for the booker and the project manager

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  • Payment must be activated (Check "Enable participant payments" in Form builder --> Summary --> Payment)

  • Payments must be delayed until the date when you want full payment to be possible

  • Start remaining payments from must be set to the date when you want full payment possible

  • Necessary payment fields must be activated

  • General deposit or product deposit must be activated

  • Prices, to be paid by and refund rules must be correct

  • Correct form of payments for participant categories must be available


1. When booking at least one product set to paid by booker, the following text will appear at the top of the summary page: "You must click confirm at the bottom of this page to proceed to payment and complete your booking". The booking is not registered until the payment step is completed.

2. On the payment step, amount to be paid now and in the future is displayed and billing information must be registered.

3. Booker clicks Confirm and the booking is registered.

4. Booker can easily access the payment step through a "Go to payment” button in Booking details. Here the billing information can be updated and due payment can be done.

❕ If no payment is due the changes are saved and the booker receives a new confirmation.

💲 If full payment is due, the booker will from the billing information page be sent to the choose form of payment page:

  • Credit card: the booker is sent to the PSP (payment service provider), then back to Qondor when payment is completed. The booker receives a payment receipt by email and the booking balance is updated.

  • Invoice: an invoice specification will be generated and sent internally, never to the booker. The booking balance is updated.


1. In browser incognite/private mode, you will experience the same as the booker.

2. In Project Manager view, you will experience the same as the booker except that if payment is due, you will never be able to choose form of payment and complete a payment.

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