When sending an offer, it is important to quality control the offer to ensure that the offer is presented as intended. Click here for a checklist on what to check before sending the offer.

This article explains how to test sending and responding to offers the way your customers will experience them. If you follow the steps below, you will eliminate the login page step, allowing you to test offers faster and also get a true reflection of how customers view offers when automatic login is enabled. (More about automatic login. Contact support@qondor.com to enable this setting.)

1. Add yourself as a customer contact person on the project.

You can do this in Project settings.

You must use a different email address, not your project manager address.

2. Send the offer to the email address you have added for testing.

3. Open the offer in incognito/private mode in your browser, by right clicking on the link that you receive in the email.

An incognito/private browser allows you to open the offer privately, without the browser using any stored settings so that you can view the offer exactly as a customer would and not as a Qondor project manager. If you open the offer in the same browser, the browser will remember your admin settings and you will be directed to the login page instead.

4. You will go directly to the offer customer web and not the login page. ⤵

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