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Change billing address on a booking

How project managers can update billing address on form bookings

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Billing addresses on bookings might have to be updated because the address is wrongly registered or has changed since the time of booking.


  • When registering a new booking using the Project manager view, you can access this by clicking the FORM icon in Form builder. You will be sent to the Payment step to register billing information, but will never be sent to payment.

  • When registering a new booking, open the booker link in an incognito/private window, i.e. the live address url. (Right click on the link and select to open in an incognito/private view to view the form as a booker.) You have to register billing information and payment to complete the booking.

  • When generating an invoice specification in AdminWeb, the billing address can be changed when previewing the specification.

  • In Booking details in AdminWeb, there is a "Go to payment" button on bookings that need to pay now or in the future. A booker or project manager can access this to change address type and billing information on the booking. A project manager can choose to only change the billing information and save or proceed to payment on behalf of the booker if payment is due.

  • If billing information on a booking is changed by a project manager or booker, the information will be updated both in Booking details, Participants and Lists. If a new Booking confirmation PDF is sent, it will include the updated information as well.

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