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How Qondor can help manage your projects
How Qondor can help manage your projects

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Here is what Qondor offers when it comes to managing your MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions) projects:

Business overview

Keep track of all your MICE business in one platform by registering all customer requests in Qondor. Each request is a project with a status reflecting where in the sales process the project is, making it easier for you to follow up. All users can see and manage all projects for your office.

Manage requests, projects and tasks

For each request you are able to add vital details like who the customer is, how many people will attend the event, when and where they are going and suppliers you are using. In addition you may add financial information for reporting purposes. You can add tasks for yourself or colleagues in relation to a specific project or a general task, see an overview of your own and your colleagues' tasks and be reminded of due tasks by email.

Close sales faster with online proposals

With Qondor Offers you can create great looking online proposals in minutes by using templates or reusing images, products and services you have used before. Prices can be presented individually, grouped or packaged. Your proposal will be sent to your customer by email, they access a weblink and are able to view, comment and reply to your proposal all on the same webpage. Terms & conditions can be added so it is instantly turned into a contract the customer receives by email immediately after replying to the proposal. The contract can be updated throughout the project process.

Create invoices based on the Qondor contract

You can create deposit and final invoice specifications in PDF format based on the products and services your customers have accepted. It can be sent by email to the Project manager, accounting or ticketing department or directly to your internal accounting system.

Handle participants

In almost all MICE projects you need to have names of participants and often more detailed information too. In Qondor, you can import participants from an Excel list including their requirements and preferences, categorize participants, update their information, communicate through SMS and email and generate online/dynamic lists displaying each participants' information. If you need more information your customer cannot provide, you can also send participants an invitation to add more information regarding their attendance. This can be done by publishing an online registration form in the project. Participants can then change their own registration and pay directly by credit card if needed.

Create and distribute online trip programs

With Qondor Programs you can create great looking online and mobile friendly programs with date, time, information and image for each activity. You can also upload files and add as many menu items as you wish with information or links to other websites. You can create tailored programs to participants and tour guides and distribute the link by SMS or email.

Create online registration forms 

For meetings, conferences and events, people often need to register their attendance individually or per organization/company, as your customer may not necessarily have all required information. Qondor Forms provides all the flexibility you need in order to sell your event by:

  • creating a great looking event page with your preferred design

  • creating a tailored registration form exposing participants to relevant information for their attendance only

  • supporting reservation of accommodation, transport, activities, conference packages, meals, services and everything else you might need

  • handling allotments, credit card payments and invoice specifications automatically

  • creating tailor made lists based on bookings and participants' information

  • supporting single bookings for one person, multibookings for several persons from the same organization, company or family

  • supporting block reservations of large amounts of hotel rooms or spaces on large congresses

Handle event on-site with check-in, badges and personal vouchers

When your event is taking place, it is highly interesting to see who actually turns up and when, and track no-shows. Every event can benefit from this, specifically in terms of security and travel tracking. In Qondor you can:

  • Check-in participants on-site with QR codes, RFID wristbands or manual search

  • Distribute and print customisable badges

  • Document attendance at an event and/or several activities in real time

  • Identify where participants are at any time

  • Track no-shows

  • Send segmented information to attendees and no-shows

  • Handle personal food or drink vouchers

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