❗ NB! This article only applies to Qondor Admin Web - all customer facing pages like Customer Web, Participant Web (Forms) and Programs still have full support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

How does this affect me?

Qondor will no longer support IE11 for new features in Admin Web. IE11 will still work with a reduced experience, but new development in 2020 will not be guaranteed full support in IE11. We are striving to create the best software possible and want to focus our efforts on the most popular modern web browsers that are up-to-date. To have the best possible experience of Qondor we recommend that you make the switch to a modern browser!


Even though Microsoft still releases security updates for IE11, the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 was released all the way back in 2015. Microsoft released Edge as the successor of IE11, and only 1% of Qondor Admin Web users are still using IE11:

What do I do?

If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, we highly recommend you switching to Google Chrome or one of our other supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. 

ℹ Our tests show that Google Chrome will give you the best Qondor experience

Please contact Qondor support if you have any questions!

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