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Handle your complete sales process in Qondor
Handle your complete sales process in Qondor

Produce beautiful offers, speed up your sales process and in turn, win more customers

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Project managers send out several offers/proposals everyday, so learning to work with offers effectively in Qondor can be a real advantage to help you get more offers out, attract more customers and close more sales. Project managers can handle the full sales process in Qondor, making it convenient for both them and their customers and relieve Project managers from having to do several administrative tasks for one sale.

Here's some of the ways that Qondor can help you to create beautiful offers whilst saving a lot of time:

  • The offer design, colors and logo is set up by Qondor before Project managers begin working in Qondor so they don't need to spend time adjusting this part or sending out offers that look different each time. This enforces the company's brand among customers.

  • Create several offers in one project, so if for example, the customer needs an offer for different destinations, Project managers can create an offer per destination.

  • Project managers have the flexibility to present both individual prices and package prices. This is also great for displaying group additional services or costs together, useful for instance for invoicing purposes or to present a more compact offer.

  • There is no need to spend time on creating an additional contract, since the offer converts into a legally binding contract once accepted.

  • Create invoice specifications for your customer in less than a minute, based on what has been accepted as well as add and reduce deposits and easily make final adjustments before invoicing.

Project managers can use Tasks manager to assist in handling the sales process, which enables you to create tasks and set reminders, for instance, to follow up with a potential customer. You can even link it to a specific project and assign tasks to colleagues.

Project managers should consider using Project Ledger to get a financial overview per project. Project ledger uses values from confirmed and pending offer products and provides an accurate financial forecast.

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