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Manual name reporting for Accommodation

Enable single bookers to book rooms for several people and name report them

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Manual name reporting can be used when a Project Manager is handling accommodation on a form. It is available only on Accommodation products.

Some suggested scenarios suitable for manual name reporting: 

  • The booker is sharing with someone and wants to include their name on the room.

  • The booker is booking rooms for more than one person but wants to pay for and keep everything on one booking. Manual name reporting will allow the booker to enter the name of each guest staying in rooms. 

  • The booker does not have the names for each guest, when booking. Project managers can then delay the time in which they need to enter the names whilst still securing rooms for the other guests. The booker or Project manager can return to the booking at a later date to register these details.


When creating an accommodation product in Form builder, you will see the option to enable manual name reporting at the bottom of the page.

Max. simultaneous nights for single bookings can also be used with manual name reporting. This is the maximum number of rooms that can be booked per date for a single booking. This option allows for bookers to book rooms for many persons without registering a full multi booking.


In the above example, I have set the max simultaneous nights to 4. This allows the Booker to book up to a maximum of 4 rooms per date. My scenario is that I want to book three rooms, and different people will stay on each day, so I need to complete the names for each room per day.

See the form view below:

When the booker has selected accommodation they will come to the following page. Here they are able to input the full name of the person staying in each room.

The booking above is for 4 nights per room. If the scenario is such that one person will stay less nights, and another person is to take over the room, it is possible to even include the person's full name per date per room, by checking 'state names per date':

In the confirmation, the booker can view the registered rooming list.


How to as Project manager
A project manager is able to change the names by going into the booking, selecting 'Accommodation' from the drop down list and clicking 'Edit details'.

The project manager will be directed to the form where they can amend the names, edit or remove rooms. They must confirm the booking again to ensure that the changes have saved. Once the names are updated, the rooming list will be updated.

To cancel the registered names, simply remove the names that you want to remove or uncheck 'state names per date' to remove all names.

How to as Booker

A booker can also amend or cancel names and rooms (as long as the Project manager has allowed for changes by the booker - this can be activated in Form Settings). Once registered, the booker will receive a confirmation with a link to their registration, allowing them to view or change their reservation. The link will direct them to a summary of their booking and an option to 'edit booking', allowing them to make the amendments. 


Project managers can create rooming lists which can be shared securely with suppliers.


Manual Name Reporting allows for names to be registered manually for each room. 

  • The booker can even register different names per night for the same room.

  • Project managers can create a list to view the registered names. (Read more about this below.)

  • There will only be one booking and one participant. Names of people registered in rooms is just text, and Project managers cannot communicate with these people in Qondor.

Multi booking has one booker but more than one participant. 

  • This is ideal when participants to an event are bringing a partner, or when several from the same company, organisation or family are attending the same event. The main booker will register the participants' details.

  • There will only be one booking, with several participants connected to the booking. Project managers can communicate with all participants registered.

Note! You cannot combine Manual name reporting and Multi booking in the same form, as it will have consequences for the display of information on Accommodation lists.

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